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Better than a chiropractor

CareDash partnered with Goodpath to make it easier for you to find high-quality back pain treatment. It's better than conventional care. Patients finally have access to robust, integrative healthcare that is coach-supported and evolves with them.

How Goodpath works

What people are saying about Goodpath

June 2020

"My Goodpath program was customized just to me, with short-term relief mixed with longer-term actions that are reducing my back pain and helping me sleep. My Goodpath coach sends me instructions for how and when to use the parts of my program to keep things easy to follow.

I look forward to more months with Goodpath, and getting back to my everyday life!"

Kati S.
April 2020

“There is a road to recovery and not just pain management - it’s totally different than the hundreds of dollars I would have spent and only 15 minutes I would have gotten with my doctor.”

- Kati S.

What a Goodpath program looks like

Physical therapy

Exercise videos and instructions tailored to you by our physical therapist and back pain specialists.

Nutrition counseling

Work one-one-one with your Goodpath nutritionist to reduce inflammation and lose weight if needed through achievable dietary changes.

Live yoga classes

Live online yoga classes focused on relaxation and flexibility to improve your back pain.

Back pain relief kit

A monthly delivery of supplements, over-the-counter medicines, and treatments selected for you by our pharmacists.

What to Expect

Create your profile

Take our 360° assessment so your coach can create your customized Goodpath program.

Get everything you need

Supplements, medications, and products delivered to your door, as well as access to classes and videos right at your fingertips.

Start feeling better

Start feeling better and stay better. Your coach will be with you every step of the way.

Get your personalized program today.