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Complete, whole-person care for mental health

Integrative care for stress, anxiety, depression and more that factors in the rest of your life, plus a coach for every step

A woman that has gone through the Goodpath mental health program: her feelings of burnout are gone and her anxiety has dropped from moderate to a more normal level.

Our integrative approach addresses symptoms and contributing factors

An animation showing the many parts of integrative care: exercise therapy, cognitive therapy, mind-body techniques, ergonomics, and nutrition counseling.

Our care is personalized to wherever you are on your journey

An animation that represents a diverse group of people and the different solutions that Goodpath provides them: 1:1 coaching, 1:1 therapy, mind-body exercises, journaling, exercise programs.

With results that lead to less worry and better days

average drop in anxiety1

average drop in depression1

Here's how it works

Complete a short, holistic assessment

Screenshot of the Goodpath intake assessment.

We build your custom, whole-person program...

Screenshots of the Goodpath mobile app.

...ship any physical items straight to your door...

Goodpath box and sample supplements.

...and match you with a dedicated coach for every step

Screenshot of the Goodpath coaching screen on the Goodpath mobile app.

It's complete, scalable support that helps employers take better care of their teams

Low battery symbol.

3 in 5

employees lose interest, motivation, and energy from burnout2

A lightning bolt and a brain showing the connection between physical conditions and mental health conditions.

1 in 2

of Goodpath members with a chronic physical condition also have a mental health condition3

Blurry target symbol.


of employees have trouble focusing because of mental health strain4

It's why these clients and partners joined Goodpath

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Bring Goodpath mental health to your company

Goodpath's integrative mental health care helps return employees to work faster.

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Recent press and publications


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  2. American Psychological Association 2021 Work and Well-being Survey
  3. Results from Q1 2022 cohort of Goodpath members at a client with mixed workplace environments
  4. The Hartford's 2021 Future of Benefits Study Report