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Whole-person care for Long COVID relief.

Goodpath's integrative treatments follow CDC guidelines for best long-haul COVID care.

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How Goodpath approaches Long COVID care

Long COVID has a real impact on lives and ability to work

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of hospitalized COVID patients were unable to return to work for 2 months post-discharge1

A woman with long COVID symptoms.

of people infected with COVID suffer from Long COVID symptoms2

A sample of a short-term disability claim form.

of short-term disability claims are related to COVID3

Common symptoms of Long COVID

Goodpath provides simple, complete care for the most common Long COVID issues

Fatigue & Insomnia

Trouble breathing

Aches & pains

Sensory changes

Digestive issues

Brain fog

Integrative care for Long COVID

Research shows that integrative care is a proven method for treating chronic conditions

Goodpath treatment aligns with CDC recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends components of integrative care for those with long COVID*

CDC guidelinesGoodpath's approach
Lifestyle ChangesFood safety for sensory loss and anti-inflammatory diets to reduce pain
Activity Pacing and ExerciseEnergy conservation techniques to fight fatigue
Mind-Body TechniquesMeditation and yoga to reduce stress and lessen brain fog
OTC TreatmentsL-Theanine for better sleep and a spirometer for breathing exercises
*CDC, Management of Post-COVID Conditions, 2021.

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Everything you need, all-in-one program

A Goodpath box and a sampling of Goodpath supplements.

Products and Supplements

Goodpath delivers what you need, from breathing exercise devices and smell retraining kits to supplements for sleep

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Pacing, training, and exercises

A simple app destination that ties together daily tasks, guidance, and custom content

A mobile phone showing the Goodpath app and a member talking to their personal, medical coach.

A personal coach to support every step

Your dedicated medical coach will answer questions, help you stay on track, and guide lifestyle changes

A better plan for employers

Goodpath's integrative Long COVID care is scalable and helps return employees to work faster.

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  1. Chopra V, et al. Sixty-Day Outcomes Among Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19. Ann Intern Med. 2021 Apr;174(4):576-578.
  2. Logue JK, Franko NM, McCulloch DJ, et al. Sequelae in Adults at 6 Months After COVID-19 Infection. JAMA Netw Open. 021;4(2):e210830.
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