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A long-term approach to your sleep

Integrative health programs personalized for your sleep.

Our integrative approach

The best approach often includes more than one type of treatment. This is called integrative medicine, and it forms the basis of our custom programs. Learn more.


Targeted nutrition tips and guidance to get your body back on track.


Hand-picked mindfulness & meditation exercises to improve your sleep.

Supplements & Medicines

Tailored supplements and medicines to relieve your symptoms.

Customized for your exact profile

Answer a few questions about your symptoms, lifestyle & health history


Eats a high sugar diet


Feels anxious frequently


Trouble falling asleep for more than 3 months


Goal is to feel less tired during the day

Treatment options vary based on needs

Treatment for short-term sleep problems.

Treatment for long-term sleep problems.

Treatment for sleep problems due to underlying conditions.

Treatment for sleep problems other than insomnia.

A program just for you

David P.

Has a high-pressure job, feels anxious frequently, has trouble falling asleep, goal is to feel less tired during the day

Multidisciplinary coaching & tracking

Work with your health coach live for personalized support and plan customization over time

Success stories

June 2020

"My Goodpath program was customized just to me, with short-term relief mixed with longer-term actions that are reducing my back pain and helping me sleep. My Goodpath coach sends me instructions for how and when to use the parts of my program to keep things easy to follow.

I look forward to more months with Goodpath, and getting back to my everyday life!"

Different people, different programs

Charlie P.

Software engineer, trouble staying asleep for 6 weeks, goal is to have the energy to run a 10k

Did you know?

4 in 10 people have symptoms of short-term insomnia

Sleep problems can come from stress, medicines, behavior, even the food one eats

Insomnia becomes more common in women after menopause

Get your personalized program today.