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Back Pain Case Study | From 5 years of pain to hiking again

Ameet had back and neck pain

Ameet was once an active hiker. However, his back and neck pain became so severe that even short walks were difficult.

A recent pain flare made Ameet consider treatment options, possibly physical therapy. Ameet chose Goodpath over physical therapy alone because Goodpath was easy to access and offered a more complete treatment approach.

When Ameet started with Goodpath:

  • He’d had back and neck pain for about 5 years

  • His pain was severe: it was 8 out of 10 on a numeric pain scale

  • And his pain kept him from sleeping more than 4-5 hours a night

Getting treatment that worked for Ameet

Goodpath’s integrative care approach was exactly what Ameet needed.

Goodpath’s multidisciplinary medical team has broad clinical expertise, which forms the foundation for Goodpath’s care approach. Goodpath applies the highest standards to individual treatment selection using a 5-step validation process. That combination offered a personalized and complete program specifically for Ameet’s back and neck pain. 

And all care is guided by a health coach who provided Ameet support and motivation.

Results that were “life changing”

Now, Ameet feels much better. 

  • His pain severity went from 8 to a 4, and later to a 1. 

  • He usually sleeps 7 or more hours a night, as his back pain is no longer interfering with his sleep

  • And best of all, he was able to go for a long-delayed hike - without any pain.

When he completed his Goodpath treatment, Ameet asked to share a testimonial to tell others Goodpath, saying “I believe this program will be really helpful for others. Keep it up!”


Ameet wrote to Goodpath again, a month after he finished treatment, to say again how much he valued the program. He said, “I just did a hiking vacation and hiked 10 miles in one day. I want to thank Goodpath for changing my life!”

Goodpath works with employers to deliver improved quality of life to all employees and dependents. Its whole-person approach to care leads to significant improvement across back or neck pain (MSK), insomnia, or digestive health challenges. Goodpath’s integrative care model combines the best of conventional and complementary medicine for coordinated treatment that is “life changing”.

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