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All Things Back and Joint Pain
Back and Joint Pain
Back Pain Case Study | From 5 years of pain to hiking again
Brief case study of how Goodpath helped a member with back pain and troubled sleep get back to the hiking he loves.

What Is Tech Neck?
Working from home means tech neck is affecting many more people. Here’s how to identify, prevent and treat this problem

Neck Pain Relief: 4 Gentle-but-Effective Stretches
Here are some great evidence-based stretches for relieving neck pain.

6 Exercises for Sciatica or Sciatica-Related Back Pain
These evidence-based exercises are our top recommendations for reducing sciatica pain.

Hip Pain at Night: Why It Happens & What To Do About It
Here’s how you can relieve your nightly hip pain and get a better night of sleep.

Avoid These 9 Ways Employers Waste Money on MSK: Importance of a Musculoskeletal Employer Program and App
Some common and less common ways that companies lose money paying for MSK treatment and what to do about them.

5 Ergonomic Must-Haves for Your Home Office to Prevent Neck and Back Pain
Working from home can be a literal pain in the neck without the right setup. Here’s how you can adjust your space to maximize your health and productivity.

Is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Good for Back Pain?
Adding anti-inflammatory foods into your diet may help ease your back pain. Here are the foods you don't want to miss.

Easy Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Planning
An anti-inflammatory diet can be simple and delicious, in addition to being very healthy.

Eating Out on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
You can stay on your anti-inflammatory diet while eating out. You just need to know these tips...

How to Stretch Your Back: 7 Simple & Rejuvenating Stretches for Back Pain
Try these 7 simple and rejuvenating stretches for back pain & relieve your discomfort today.

Two Proven Stress Relievers: Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery Meditation
Here's why these two little-known techniques are so effective at relieving your stress.

5 Pitfalls of Treating Back Pain at Home
Avoid these 5 mistakes while managing your back pain at home. From the Goodpath medical team.

Effective Exercises for Common Types of Back Pain
Find the right exercises for the specific type of back pain that you have. Expert recommendations from our medical team.

5 Exercises for Chronic Back Pain: An Expert-Recommended Sequence
Try these 5 expert-recommended exercises for those experiencing chronic back pain.

CBD: Benefits, Types, & Side Effects
Curious about how CBD affects the body? CBD has many promising uses. See how it may be able to help with your condition.

OTC Topical Products for Back Pain Relief: Cream And Gels
5 evidence-based & over-the-counter ingredients for effective treatment of back pain.

Which Yoga Poses Can Help My Back Pain? How to Start Yoga for Lower Back Pain
These 8 simple yoga poses may help alleviate your back pain. Learn how to do all of them in a few minutes.

Back Pain Relief Products: Evidence-Based Treatments That Work
A complete list of all the back pain relief products that are known to work based on the evidence.

6 Effective Dietary Supplements for Back Pain
Here are 6 evidence-based dietary supplements that can help with lower back pain.

5 Exercises for Low Back (Muscle) Strain: Expert Recommendations
These 5 gentle but effective exercises are recommended for reducing the pain of back strain.

Herniated Disc Pain? 5 Key Exercises to Help
These gentle but effective exercises are recommended for reducing the pain of a herniated disc. Herniated disc exercises are a great treatment option for low back pain.

4 of the Best Over-the-Counter Back Pain Pills According to Experts
Looking for the best back pain medicine? Here are four back pain relief options that are backed by research.

Natural Pain Relief Cream: 4 Science-Backed & Plant-Based Remedies
These four all-natural topical creams are evidence-backed ways to treat your back pain.

Lower Back Pain Relief: 5 Devices that Work
These 5 evidence-based devices work to treat your back pain effectively. Written by a registered nurse.

Which Turmeric Supplement Should I Take? The Goodpath Selection Process
Here's how you know which turmeric supplement to take. Goodpath's rigorous selection process means our medical team evaluates thousands of products for the ones proven to work. See our case study on how we selected our specific turmeric supplement.

Back Muscles: Anatomy of Upper, Middle & Lower Back Pain in Diagrams
Pinpoint your pain with highlighted images showing where back muscles are located, written by a registered nurse on the Goodpath medical team.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt Every Day? Causes, Treatments & When to See a Doctor
Here’s why your back likely hurts, what you can do about it and when it’s time to see a doctor for your lower back pain

Back Pain, Stress, & COVID-19
Tips for managing your back pain during a high stress situation.

Back Pain: When To Contact Your Doctor
Sometimes back pain can be serious, here's when you should contact your doctor.

Back Pain: Causes, Prevention & Treatment
Evidence-based information about back pain causes, treatment, and prevention from our back pain experts.