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How Does Goodpath Help an Employee's Back Pain?

Meet Mia - an active, young working professional with back pain

Mia is an active working professional in her mid 30s who began experiencing back pain a few years ago. Her life hasn’t been the same since; she has too much pain to enjoy hiking, one of her favorite activities. 

She wakes up with a little pain and stiffness every day, which gets worse from a lot of standing while at work managing a big-box retailer. Her pain causes anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to sleep.

How did Goodpath help?

Working with Mia, the Goodpath team developed a personalized, integrative program to help Mia manage her back pain. The program included supplements and products, mind-body treatments, therapeutic exercise, and nutritional guidance coupled with ongoing support from her coach.

With Goodpath, Mia feels better quickly!

After about 4 weeks, Mia feels significantly better. Her pain has decreased and she is able to hike again. She has less anxiety and is able to sleep well most nights. With some ergonomic adjustments and regular breaks she is able to stand comfortably to do her work.

Mia continues with a long-term maintenance program to help prevent further back pain. She advances to the next level of back exercises and continues with meditation before sleep. Although they meet less often, she and her coach continue to work together to make sure she adheres to her plan. 

Thanks to Goodpath’s program, Mia is planning her dream hike on the Pacific Coast Trail!

Our Digital Health Programs

The Goodpath approach combines evidence-based medicine and powerful technology to deliver better care that is easily accessible and less expensive. We leverage algorithms and a world-class medical team to develop personalized treatment programs for employees with back pain, sleep problems, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Our programs are all-inclusive and seamless to use, with pain, sleep, and nutrition coaching through video chat, text message, and email. They also include supplements delivered directly to employees’ homes; on-demand exercise programs; and mind-body interventions, like yoga and other relaxation techniques. All of our program components are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective. 

Let us help you save medical costs and empower your employees with better care. Get in touch with us at