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Sun Life U.S. expands partnership with Goodpath to offer virtual whole-person care supporting mental and physical health
Sun Life U.S. has expanded its partnership with Goodpath to offer employer clients virtual whole-person care, a new employee benefit that provides care for physical conditions and mental health, including unlimited therapy sessions.

For Employers, Benefits Strategy
Why EAPs Are Not Solving the Mental Health Crisis & What Really Works
Learn 4 areas EAPs are failing organizations and what makes a mental health solution effective

For Employers, Benefits Strategy
Navigating the Workplace After Cancer: Key Health Benefits for Survivors
Support cancer survivors with returning to work with four key types of benefits

How Whole-Person Care Can Complement GLP-1s for Obesity
Learn how whole-person care maximizes the impact of weight management benefits strategies

For Employers, Benefits Strategy
5 Reasons Comprehensive Care Solutions Are Better for Your Benefits Strategy
Avoid point solution fatigue with comprehensive care platforms

For Employers, Benefits Strategy
Navigating the Gender Gap in Chronic Health: Solutions for Employers
Employers have the opportunity to address disparities in health and healthcare faced by women

For Employers
Whole-Person Care for Cancer Survivorship Webinar Highlights
In this webinar on Whole-Person Care for Cancer Survivorship, Dr. Cunningham-Hill from NEBGH, Dr. Hall from Mass General Hospital and Dr. Fahed from Goodpath discussed how employers can support the health of their employees with a history of cancer.

For Employers
Pharmacy Cost Reduction Strategies: Comprehensive Medication Management
Learn how Comprehensive Medication Management can help employers improve employee health and reduce pharmacy costs.

Having Fatigue After COVID? Here’s What to Do.
Strategies for dealing with long COVID or long-haul COVID fatigue

Brain Fog After COVID Infection: Symptoms, Treatment & Care
Here’s what you need to know about brain fog and COVID-19

Long Haulers: Symptoms, Treatments & Understanding After Effects of COVID
Here’s how you can tell if you have long haul COVID-19 and what you can do about it.

Sleep & Workplace Productivity: The High Cost of Lost Sleep to the Workplace
Here’s how much money poor sleep is costing the average employer...

Back Pain Case Study | From 5 years of pain to hiking again
Brief case study of how Goodpath helped a member with back pain and troubled sleep get back to the hiking he loves.

An IBS Case Study | 10 Years of IBS Ended + Reduced Anxiety
Personalized results for Anthony ended 10 years of off and on IBS symptoms. His custom program also factored in treatment for his anxiety, which is now well-controlled

MSK Forecast Shows Cost Increases in 2021: Goodpath Employer Health Index Results
3 key factors that are driving costs in 2021 from Goodpath’s Employer Health Index + key projections for the future.

4 Ways Poor Sleep Is Affecting Your Healthcare Costs
These key drivers of increased healthcare costs are all related to poor sleep

How to Increase Your Employee Well-Being ROI with Sleep Programs
Most employers don’t have sleep programs. Here’s how your company can benefit from them.

Statistics on Insomnia in the U.S.: Goodpath Employer Health Index
Goodpath identified trends among 1,600 people completing its sleep assessment. The inside data explains how insomnia and other sleep problems can affect daily life, work productivity, and safety.

Avoid These 9 Ways Employers Waste Money on MSK: Importance of a Musculoskeletal Employer Program and App
Some common and less common ways that companies lose money paying for MSK treatment and what to do about them.

If You Calculate ROI on Healthcare, Here’s Why You Should Use VOI (Value of Investment) Too
VOI is a deeper metric than just ROI for healthcare investments. Here’s how and why you should be calculating your value of investment.

An EAP Isn’t Enough: How to Support Mental Health of Employees
The mental health of your employees is more relevant now than ever, but an EAP might not be enough to help them cope. Here’s how to help them in a cost-effective way.

Statistics on Back Pain in the U.S.: Goodpath Employer Health Index
Statistics on back pain. Goodpath analyzed over 1600 assessments to explain what people with back pain experience. Our inside data explains how back pain affects daily life, companies, and how an integrative wellness benefit can help.

How to Increase Employee Satisfaction with Benefits: Healthcare & Wellness
Here are some well-researched methods for increasing the satisfaction of your employees with your company’s health and wellness benefits package.

When Traditional Employee Engagement Strategies Aren't Enough
COVID-19 has forced us all to adapt to change quickly, and that includes keeping employees engaged as things change around them too. Traditional employee engagement strategies are not enough. Get simple tips about how to do more for employees.

Employee MSK Problems: Disease-based Care vs Integrative Approach
Integrative care offers a more complete and lasting solution to MSK healthcare costs for employers and a better outcome for employees. Compare that to traditional single point care.

How to Save Money on Employee Wellness Benefits
It's important to provide options beyond standard health and dental for your employees. Personalized programs (combined with non-cash incentives) would motivate 80% of employees to be more engaged. Here are 4 tips that help save money.

Integrative Care: What's in it for our employees and company?
Learn about the many reasons to choose integrative care with Goodpath.

Integrative medicine: A solution to managing employers’ medical benefits costs
Examples and research on how integrative medicine can help reduce high medical benefits costs.

Does your company support telehealth technology for employees?
Learn how telemedicine combined with integrative health can be useful for your employees.

Back pain (MSK): The leading driver of employer healthcare cost
Let Goodpath help address your employees' back pain with our custom programs.

Put your employees' sleep problems to bed with integrative medicine
Help your employees address their sleep problems with Goodpath.

Improve the lives of your employees with IBS with integrative healthcare
IBS is a common disorder that is costly to address. Help improve the lives of your employees with Goodpath programs.

How Does Goodpath Help an Employee's Back Pain?
Learn about Mia's experience with Goodpath and how her program has helped with her back pain.

See how Goodpath helped one employee
Learn about Jared's experience with Goodpath and how his program has helped with his back pain.

Reevaluating the ROI of Health Coverage Decisions
Both employers and workers need to see their own return on investment for health and wellness coverage. How can you make sure both parties are winning?